What Do You Get When You Mix Art and Food? Glory Holes, Of Course

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Photos by Maria Murriel
Ever retrieved a vegetable dumpling from a leathery glory hole in the shape of a vulva? No? The guests of last night's PAIRINGS fundraiser at LegalArt did.

They also bid on paintings of buttocks and Tiffany's jewelry, all while sipping Peronis and munching on succulent spare ribs or arepas with goat cheese.

The event was an effort by LegalArt, the non-profit that sources legal aid for artists, to raise money for its own mission as well as another non-organization dedicated to improving food quality for low-income children. The goal: to create the interaction of art and food -- and of course, raise some cash. But it also raised our spirits with its quirky takes on cultured cuisine.

See all the delicious madness for yourself after the jump.

Of all the works by LegalArt's resident artists, Amy von Harrington's "glory hole" boards made from scraps of luxury leather were the most visible and interactive. One of them required guests to put their hands through a slit in pink-and-beige colored leather to get their grub, without ever seeing their server's face.

"Part of it is about not knowing what's there," said von Harrington. "The anonymity is exciting."

The chef behind the curtain was Josh Vargas of Chow Down Grill in Miami Beach, offering duck pao and vegetable dumplings. Next to Chow Down's naughty nook was the Chef Jeremiah of Gastropod, New Times' Best food truck in 2010, serving arepas and mini pork sandwiches. In the back of the room, Mad Man Jack's fed saucy spare ribs, chicken and pork sandwiches to a long line throughout the night.

At the height of the event, artists Liz Ferrer, Pioneer Winter, von Harrington, and others suddenly twirled into the crowded room holding a medley of fruits, dancing to a sunny flute-like melody. The dancers dowsed themselves in fruit juice and sauces until, in her frenzy, Ferrer hurled a watermelon at the floor and dropped to her knees beside it to stuff the broken pieces into her mouth.

The evening ended around 9:30 p.m., with the remaining guests walking on sticky floors in the afterglow of food's marriage to performance art.

Chef Josh Vargas inserting duck pao through the glory hole.
Wok Star Eleanor Hoh prepares for her dumpling
A silent, but not anonymous, auction for paintings and drawings from the "Booty Tap" series, produced in collaboration with Art Wynwood.
One of Amy van Harrington's installations, focused on humor rather than genitalia, but all about anonymity.

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