Five Green Vices To Help You Celebrate St. Patrick's Day to the Fullest

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Have a little creativity, will ya?
Ah, the many cliches of St. Patrick's Day: the wearing of shamrocks, the jaunty Irish music, and of course, the drinking of green beer. We have nothing against tradition, but isn't it time for a few new tricks? Green beer has been done to death. And frankly, we're tired of waking up on March 18 with our mouths and drool-covered collars stained with food coloring. (The hangover's bad enough.)

Still, this Saturday's a celebration of the Emerald Isle, so our indulgences on that day should have something to do with the color of the Irish. Luckily, green is also the color of vice -- which means you have your pick of ways to get stupid this weekend.

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"Green" beer
Plenty of beer comes in green bottles, but most won't taste any better than the green stuff they're handing out at Fado. If you're going to drink crappy beer, why not at least make it good for the planet? You can raise a glass of organic suds at just about any bar with a decent beer selection these days. It may not be as colorful as the tinted Bud Lite you'll find elsewhere, but you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that Mother Nature endorses your alcoholism.

This one's a no-brainer, by which we mean you'll feel like you have no brain after indulging. But it'll be, like, totally worth it, man. Especially after you challenge your similarly stoned friends to an Irish accent contest. (Nobody wins, of course, but everybody gets the giggles.)

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