Mike & Molly's Billy Gardell Talks Sex With Molly, Smoking Weed, and Cuban Sandwiches

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Billy Gardell, Pittsburgh boss
Billy Gardell is a funny fat guy from Pittsburgh, and the star of Mike and Molly, one of TV's most popular shows in which he plays a cop who meets his future wife at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.

You might also know him from bit roles on King of Queens, Judging Amy, and My Name Is Earl. But before his TV success, Gardell was grinding across the stages of America as a touring standup comic.

And he still is. You can check him out live on April 27th at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood. But don't expect to see the character "Mike" on stage. We talked to Gardell about sex, getting high, and using bad words.

New TImes: How do you film the sex scenes on Mike & Molly? Stunt doubles?

Billy Gardell: We don't have sex on TV. They never write it into the show. Nobody ever says, "Get Billy in here, and get his shirt off."

What's your favorite bad word?
Shit. It just seems to express everything you need. And there's so many ways you can use it, like:

The bad one: "Aah shit, I'm in trouble."

To express wonder: "No shit?

When somebody lies: "Shiiiiiiit"

During sports: "Oooooh shiiit"

When someone lies to you: "Don't give me that shit."

What about fuck?
Fuck is overrated. It's been used to death.

What about in Spanish?
Culo, mierda, that works. I know puta madre, you don't wanna say those to anyone. I learned 'em in Florida.

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