Dick Clark: A Miami Remembrance

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If Ozzie Guillen had been thinking straight (please try to suspend your disbelief to consider this premise), he never would have said what he said about Castro. But he could have said it about Dick Clark, who passed away yesterday:

"I love Dick Clark. I respect Dick Clark. You know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Dick Clark  (or have at least been mocking his age and betting on him in their Dead Pools) for years. But that [expletive]'s still there."

But he's not anymore, and that's sad. If the death of "America's Oldest Teenager" doesn't make you feel mortal, then we envy you, Edward Cullen. In his epic 60-year career, Clark did everything from play sports DJ and cheesy game show host to testify in front of Congress. People spoke of his eternal youth like some kind of urban legend, but sadly, even Peter Pan's gotta go someday.

Here's how we'll remember Dick, in Miami and beyond.

He was an entrepreneur at heart.
Some Miamians will remember the short-lived run of Dick Clark's American Bandstand Cafe, a 9,000-square-foot Bayside Marketplace eatery that Clark hoped would evolve into a Hard Rock Café-style venture. Its three-year tenure (1990-1993) was less than successful, despite Clark's initial high hopes. For awhile, he would pop into the location twice a month to sign autographs (including a woman's ass, once; play on, player). It's one of his only ventures that was less than monumentally successful. Even so, the chain lives on in Newark, New Jersey; Phoenix, Arizona; and Salt Lake City, Utah. Not a bad track record.

He helped the Fillmore become the stuff of legend.
In our favorite tumultuous decade, the '60s, filming for the Dick Clark show graced the auditorium of the Fillmore. Our favorite Miami Beach mainstay has one hell of a history, and Clark helped make it so.

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It's quite nice that you'd take time out of your busy schedule to try to honor & remember an American Icon like Dick Clark, but PLEASE leave Ozzie alone! This is The United States of America. According to the first amendment of our constitution, we (that includes everyone) have the right to freedom of speech. Ozzie's already apologized over & over again for what he said, (by the way it was taken out of context). Let's show the rest of the world that the Cuban community DOES NOT completely control South Florida & let Ozzie do what he's paid to do, manage the Miami Marlins.

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