Killing Kittens Brings Female-Centric, High-End Orgies to Miami (NSFW)

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Courtesy of Hannah Shapiro
Every time a woman masturbates, God kills a kitten. And London socialite Emma Sayle knows that the Earth is overrun with adorable, furry kitties, so she's created a selective playground for beaver-beaters.

"I organize orgies," said the British "sex-trepreneur" and mind behind Killing Kittens, a network of super-exclusive sexy parties and corresponding online nympho directory, all of which is focused on female pleasure.

And she's bringing her business (and, uh, pleasure) to Miami this summer.

"Only couples and single females are allowed in our parties," said Sayle, adding that the guests all adhere to three basic rules:

  • Men can only speak when spoken to (by a woman).
  • "No" means no.
  • Girls make the rules, and only girls can break the rules.
One rule Sayle will not break is "vetting" all who want to sign up online or attend a party. You must be beautiful, wealthy, and sophisticated to be allowed in, because Killing Kittens "unabashedly screens its members." The parties are structured so that anyone can get together, which would be difficult if you had to get past some uggos first.

Inside Member profiles have been blurred to protect the horny., the U.S. version of the U.K. site that launched earlier this month, has had such good response from Americans, especially from New York and Miami, that Sayle thought to bring the parties over here and let us join in on the naughty fun.

"There are strict regulations in the U.S.," said Hannah Shapiro, a communications rep for Killing Kittens. "You can't have a party where you're charging for sex."

But no one pays for sex at Killing Kittens parties, so Sayle and company were able to get around our silly laws. What you do pay for is the exclusivity and the atmosphere. Entry fees to a private penthouse party typically run about £150 per couple, or just a little more than $240.

The more exclusive, invite-only parties of 50 to 60 revelers happen in fancy apartments, while the larger orgies of around 200 merit whole mansions for their depravity.

We bet you're wondering what type of debauchery goes on at these shindigs.

Courtesy of Hannah Shapiro
"I've seen 60 to 70 people on one [huge] bed," said Sayle, "where you don't really know who's working on who. Or four or five girls all together with toys, that's always fun."

Courtesy of Hannah Shapiro
Sayle said she started her risqué business venture as a sort of revenge. She worked in PR for the high-end adult entertainment business and felt the industry was not female-friendly enough, so she started her own thing.

In the seven years she's been operating Killing Kittens out of London, Sayle's parties have had high-profile guests like Kate Moss, Jude Law, his ex-wife Sadie Frost, Jason Statham, and Rhys Ifans. (Yes, Luna Lovegood's father in the Harry Potter movies is a submissive orgy-freak.)

"They're all very open to sex," said Sayle, who is also a friend of Kate Middleton, "[as are] a lot of England rugby players and Chelsea footballers."

Though Sayle and her guests are open to the idea of group sex, she said she keeps her endeavor separate from the Duchess and the royal family.

"Business is business. I would never throw this in their face," she said.

And business is booming. Sayle and Shapiro both said they believe Killing Kittens to be the next generation of online dating, and attribute some of its success to the timing of their launch.

"At first people didn't want to admit they attended the parties," said Sayle, "but now you have people talking about them, especially women."

Shapiro added, "In America, [orgies] have had such stigma and taboo. [Killing Kittens] is breaking that stigma."

In fact, orgies are so commonplace for the Killing Kittens team that Sayle admits she's sometimes incredulous about the impact her work has on people.

"Sometimes they would call or email me the next day asking, 'Did that really happen?'" she said, adding, "But you become nonchalant. I'd be walking [through the party] and see what some people are doing and just think, 'Shit, how did I get here?'"

Sayle is planning a July 4 launch for her sultry soireés in Miami. She's hoping to get the same response here as she's had in Europe, and is aiming for a more exclusive event of 50 to 60 people.

While Killing Kittens events are not geared specifically toward straight women, they are the majority. Though some lesbian couples do attend, and there's a lot of bicurious girls in the mix, gay males are not something Killing Kittens caters to.

So, get your strap-ons ready, ladies. It's going to get steamy this summer.

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I'm a member, and I had a very nice experience so far. It helped me to feel sexy, to improve my social life and be in better shape. The guys I've met so far are intelligent and very considerate being the latter a very pleasant surprise. My curiosity has increased since I'm inside the network, and want to experience a threesome, other girls and a party. I honestly think that this society has too many tabus and noone can honestly say they never get horny...and very few can say they never masturbate or see porn. That doesn't mean you're a depraved and that's an awful misconception which stigmatises our society. From what I've seen so far, is not having sex often enough what makes your mind dirty. You can avoid that thought all your life by believing something better is waiting for u when you're dead. I'll burn in hell? maybe, but I'll enjoy heaven before u ;-)


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