Chaz Bono, Tamest Guy at Miami Beach Gay Pride, to Speak About His Transition

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Photos by Maria Murriel
Transgender advocate Chaz Bono will lecture at FIU tonight about his new book Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man. But before getting to business, Bono served as the grand marshal of Sunday's Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade.

Unlike plenty of others at the parade, Bono's appearance contained no flash or extravaganza -- Bono wore a light blue polo shirt, no cape or hat -- and the grand marshal had just gotten into town in time for the parade. Sadly, he didn't even break out any of his Dancing With the Stars moves on Sunday.

Maybe he was just bummed about the weather? We can sympathize.

"I'm really not flashy," said Bono, "I just got up and took a shower this morning. I'm not a big party guy."

"I really enjoy talks at colleges," said Bono, "and it's the primary way I make my living."
The parties of Pride weekend may not be Bono's thing, but he said he's excited to give a lecture at FIU.

P4150532.JPGMayor Bower loves her gays.
Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower joined Bono and the Legacy Couples, gay and lesbian couples who've been together 20 years or more, early in the morning. She's worked to make Miami Beach gay-friendly and continues to be active in the gay community.

Ridin' in style.
The Legacy Couples rolled down Ocean Drive in vintage cars (also 20 years or older), wearing their names and number of years together on a sash.

Going strong since 1958.
This is Dick and Gary. They love each other. And we love that hat.

Best-looking cowboys at the dance.
A legacy hayride.
Just when you thought they'd all be dudes.
The Miami Beach Gay Pride isn't just about bringing your crazy and letting it loose. It's a celebration of people's love. What else could a 54-year-long relationship signify?

Chaz Bono's talk tonight will touch on issues of interest to the entire LGBT community, and he will share stories about the process of his transition. Tickets are required, but the event is free to FIU students, alumni, and staff. For everyone else, it's $20 at the door. The talk starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Biscayne Campus' Wolfe University Center.

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Joanna Buck
Joanna Buck

Congrats to all.  Any other stops in Florida planned?

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