Pinterest Is the Devil: Five Sinister Truths About the Third Most Popular Social Network

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The devil's scrapbook.
It all seemed so innocent at first. The pretty pictures, the overwhelmingly nice comments, that swirly, scripted P.

Once upon a time, Pinterest was merely a way to share all that was cute and aesthetically pleasing in the world -- without getting defriended by your Facebook connections who didn't want to get inundated with recipes and home décor tips.

But like an expertly decorated, poo-flavored layer cake, something evil lurked beneath Pinterest's cheery surface. Five things, to be precise. And now that it's the third most popular social network in the U.S., those sinister truths are rearing their vintage-styled, expertly braided heads. From iffy online morality to passive-aggressively judgmental messages, Pinterest has morphed from the pretty, friendly new kid in class into the full-blown mean girl of the Internet. And she hates what you're wearing.

Read on for five reasons to ditch the clique and go smoke behind school with the loners.

5. Image-stealing
News flash: When someone uploads an image to the Internet, it doesn't automatically become public property. It's a brave new world out there on the web, but not so brave or new that copyrights cease to exist. So when you're repinning a photo, painting, illustration, or any other image without first asking for permission to share it, you might actually be breaking the law.

That's bad enough on its own. And you've probably heard this complaint before. But here's what's really creepy. When you Google "Pinterest stealing," the first result isn't a news story or blog post about the site's copyright controversy. Neither is the second one. The top two sites: Stealing-related Pinterest boards. Mega (and meta) disturbing.

Pinterest's "hair and beauty" board.
4. Vanity
Pinterest presents itself as a forum for all kinds of interests: art, design, film, culture. But let's be honest: The majority of the content on the site is superficial fashion drivel. Here's a pair of snakeskin boots filed under "art." Here we have a hair model filed under "food and drink." Looking for interesting photography? Hope you like weddings. (More on weddings later.) And we'll give you three guesses where we found this "dance floor date dress." If you guessed "Science & Nature," you're a winner!

Is there a time and a place for fashion? Sure. Just not every time and every place. Studies have shown that focusing too much on your physical appearance is unhealthy for your self-esteem. More important, it makes you boring. We suggest you spend more time reading Cultist instead.

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Pinterest is no fun for me as my images are being pilfered by the hundreds and I have to spend many hours each day tracking them down and filing DMCA take down notices.  


Meh, Facebook still takes the crown. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw "Man Sells Soul To Facebook For $1 Billion" on the news.

Hebe Occupati Saez
Hebe Occupati Saez

I agree with the "Image-stealing" section, but all the rest is an exaggeration and it's overly dramatic...


You forgot number 6: It allows third-rate publications such as Village Voice spread misinformation to sell advertising while hawking their own image and article boards to sell more advertising.


I'm Pinning this article immediately!

Jose D. Duran
Jose D. Duran

7. Bored housewives getting their panties in a twist.

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