30 Rock is Ending Next Season, and Everything in the World is Awful

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All the signs of the apocalypse were there. Global warming. That Mayan calendar business. The existence of this.

We knew the end was coming. But we still weren't prepared for this.

NBC President Robert Greenblatt announced today that 30 Rock will end its seventh season with a series finale. Not season finale. Series finale. Meaning it's over. No more "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah." No more "I want to go to there." No more Dr. Spaceman or adorable Rachel Dratch cameos or Queen of Jordan. For god's sake, no more Kenneth the Page.

It's a sad day to have great taste in television.

Just one day ago, everything seemed fine. NBC told reporters at TVLine that an end date had not been set for the series. But today, at the network upfronts, Greenblatt ruined all things ever revised that statement to say that the show would wrap up for good at the end of next season with an hour-long finale.

"I know Tina, Alec and the rest [of the cast] will deliver some of their best work. We think the world of Tina and hope she will be in the NBC family for years to come," he promised, probably with an evil laugh and while twirling his handlebar mustache.

Okay, it's just a TV show. Nobody died. Tina Fey will keep being famous and funny. Maybe her next project will be based in Miami, what with the booming entertainment industry forming down here. She could team up with Queen Latifah! Hilarity would ensue!

Oh, who are we kidding. This news is worse than all of the things in this clip combined.

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Best show ever!! So sad to hear this. I really think it should have lasted a couple of more seasons.

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