A Field Guide to South Florida Hippies at Greynolds Park's Love-In

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While some believe flower children vanished with the advent of the Internet, for many, the Age of Aquarius lives on. Commonly known as hippies, these patchouli-scented throwbacks spread the love wherever they roam. Creatures of the counterculture, they're most commonly discovered west of the Mississippi -- in the streets of Haight-Ashbury, the sands of Venice and the boardwalk of Santa Cruz. But occasionally, plastic peace signs and Grateful Dead tunes can yet be found in the swamps of South Florida.

So, Cultist took to the site of the Greynolds Park Love-In this weekend, determined to spot and classify these rare birds for our curious readers.

jerry garcia hippie.jpg
Eat your heart out Cherry Garcia
For this specimen, the Sixties persists. His appearance and behavior is consistent with the groovy days of yore. Unclear as to the year of his origin, he may believe that it is perpetually 1969. He likely subsists on brownies (some, perhaps, with mystery ingredients) and appears similar to his original ancestor -- Jerry Garcia. When you spot him, a high-five is a requisite greeting.

skantily clad hippie.jpg
Make love, not war.
Longing for the free love antics of '69, this particular classification of hippie seeks to relive the days when inhibitions were lost and anything went. Garbed in daisy dukes, tube tops or the ever-popular birthday suit, she longs for the Summer of Love. Generally of the female sex, this free-wheeler is likely to be spotted at Woodstock-style music festivals or nude beaches.

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Greynolds Park

17530 W. Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, FL

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