Closet Invasion: Nomadic Art Duo 2Square's Style From Around the World

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Photography by Pamela Wasabi
Miami has new residents -- for now. Justin Vallee and Jeremiah Taylor, the artistic duo that is 2Square, travel the world like creative nomads, leaving their graffiti, poetry, photography, and even nontraditional hair styling along the way. Think of them as one part neo-hippy, one part fashion trendsetter.

More than two years ago, they decided to leave their professions to explore the world. Since then, 2Square has visited more than 10 cities, the latest being the 305. They've replaced luxuries like expensive clothing with thrift store findings and DIY outfits. The result: A look that's far more interesting than anything you'll find on a display at the mall.

We asked 2Square to give us a peek inside their closets. Read on to see how the guys turn used clothes into eye-catching, bona fide fashion.

Justin: I got this shirt in Hialeah, at the thrift store. It's a mesh. You can see as much skin as the fabric. I like that. It's like a sweater for Miami.

Justin: This is my favorite pair of pants. It always kinda happens -- I paint all my clothes. I have really fancy suit clothes and I paint with them too. This pair of pants is from Zara. I got them in Atlanta. Jeremiah and I used to go to ATL all the time, and I got it there at some point.

Justin: This I also found on at a thrift store. It's like an Asian jacket...

Jeremiah: Asian leisure.

Justin: This is the first [jacket] I found, and I have a bunch of silky ropes I got lately [to go with it]. This is my new swag I started to wear.

Jeremiah: This outfit has four of my staples of my wardrobe. The shoes; the pants from Top Shop London; the shirt, a cut up from Rick Owens; the belt. These things I can mix and match with my other outfits. Since my life is on the road now, you can't really take a lot of things. So what you have, you better love.

Jeremiah: My lilac shoes from Zara. I can't let go. I've had to paint them many times to make them look fresh.

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thank you for the interview.. pamela Miami new Times we always enjoy following your articles. we are currently working on a building in Wynwood 394 nw 24st the opening is on June 9TH next art walk. This building has over 16 murals all thought out from different points of view we really tried to show range on it..

Facebook/2Squarefollow2square on instagram super portfolio

website and photography, check out our writing and web series following our travels


these guys are SO COOL I WANT TO VOMIT

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