Cuban Revolutionaries Plotting to Overthrow Castro in "Embedded" Exhibit (Photos)

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Jim Nickless
In the mid-'60s, the phrase embedded journalist had likely never been uttered, let alone ignited a controversy over newspaper ethics.

But that's exactly what Jim Nickless was back then: a freelance cameraman for NBC News who lived among members of the Movement for Revolutionary Recovery (MRR), Cuban revolutionaries plotting to overthrow Fidel Castro, with help from the CIA. He documented their daily activities, their training, the raids they ran. And because he was the only reporter welcome among the fighters, his photos offer the most intimate look inside their world.

You can get a peek inside it too. "Embedded: A Photojournalist Captures Conflict and Resistance" puts Nickless's photos on display Thursday at the Freedom Tower, giving them the respect they deserve as pieces of history and also as expertly composed works of art. From revolutionaries posing with tanks to ships fighting midbattle, the 50 photos invite the viewer into a little-explored corner of Cold War history.

We asked Nickless to share a few selections from the exhibit with us, and explain what's happening in the photos he shot.

Jim Nickless
Manuel Artime in the summer of 1964, visiting the Monkey Point, Nicaragua MRR Naval Base.

Jim Nickless
Photojournalist Jim Nickless preparing to leave on one of the MRR swift boats to raid Cuba. The swift boats later were used in Vietnam, but the first military use of the boats was by the CIA-supported MRR.

Jim Nickless
The Cubans in the MRR were first to use the M-16 rifle. This weapon was later the main semi-automatic rifle used in the Vietnam war. The Cuban exile group had many such weapons provided by the CIA to test in combat situations.

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No dot, the gusanos became buterflies that maintain and pay for their families living in the squalor of what once was my country

John Ellis
John Ellis

The revolutionaries annihilated the Gusanos


This were the heros of the era, that if properly backed by the USA. We woud not have lost the oppportunity to free the cuban people and save the Wetern Hemisphere, from the Tirany of the Castro Dinasty.Massive, mistakes and underestimation of the Castro Dictartorship, agressive surversive policies, by US foreing policy esperts. Has resulted in the lost of Democracy in the Western Hemisphere. And the lost of Security to friendy countries and allies like Colombia, Panama, cosa Rica, Peru and. The USA of America.

luis segui
luis segui

 Terrorists of the era Jramol!, They were doing covert dirty work for all the Batistanos. According to the Geneva Convention approved by all nations. Look into a little thing called the Freedom of Information Act. The USA has been waging covert terrorist operations in Cuba for 50 years! The Embargo against the Cuban people has made Cuba poor but they are still proud and the whole world knows about the greedy USA!

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