The King in Miami: Graceland Brings Elvis Presley Artifacts to New Times (Photos)

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Ciara LaVelle
We also got a look at Elvis' white shoes, and the Elvis-inspired white footwear of Justin Timberlake, who could probably raid Shaq's shoe closet anytime. Seriously, dude's shoe size is enormous. Hey-oh, ladies.

Ciara LaVelle
Finally, we got to check out Bruce Springsteen's leather jacket, which appeared to have seen some serious use. The thing was as worn as New Jersey is foul and orange. Also, it was awesome to see in person. Naturally, The Boss was inspired by The King; in fact, Marchese pointed out, he gave a talk at SXSW on the subject.

After some funny stories about getting through airport security with all this stuff (short version: Marchese has made the day of more than a few TSA agents) and a few half-joking-but-not-really threats to steal those golden glasses, Elvis had left the New Times' building. All the goodies above will be back in their exhibits at Graceland this weekend, where they'll stay until the exhibits close. "Icons" and "Elvis on Tour" will close at the beginning of 2013, while "Elvis... Through His Daughter's Eyes" will run into 2014.

But why wait to see them? Hoardes of drunk, loud tourists are booking their Memorial Day attack vacation to Miami as you read these words. If you don't get outta the 305, you'll be singing "Stranger in My Own Hometown." (Look it up, young'uns.) So you might as well sing it at Graceland.

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Where is this even taking place? The Hard Rock? Please, more info.....

Jose D. Duran
Jose D. Duran

It's not taking place in Miami... these are actual artifacts from Graceland in Memphis.


OHHHH they just brought them down here for your eyes only.....entiendo.   seems like a bit of a tease. 

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