Five Other Disney Classics That Should Get the Broadway Treatment

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The Lion King roars into the Arsht Center starting today.
Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba!

In case you've been living under a rock, the Broadway version of Disney's The Lion King starts its run at the Adrienne Arsht Center today. And while you might be tempted to scoff at its plebeian origins, it stands as one of the longest-running Broadway productions and holds the record as the highest-grossing show of all time.

Of course, Disney has successfully adapted plenty of its other classic films, including Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Mary Poppins for the Broadway stage, and has even had success with original productions like Aida. But there is still plenty of other source material we think Disney should look into.

5. The Black Cauldron
If you're scratching your head trying to remember when the hell this movie was released, we don't blame you. Before Disney got its groove back in the late '80s, it released the abysmal failure known as The Black Cauldron. The film featured sub-par animation and a script that deviated so far from the source material -- a novel by the same name -- that it was unrecognizable. It was also Disney's first PG-rated animated movie, one that was well deserved.
Why it should go Broadway? The film is one big, amazingly awesome clusterfuck, featuring a prophetic pig and an army of the walking dead.
Chances it will go Broadway? Zero. The film is rarely acknowledged by Disney and largely forgotten by the masses. Plus, the villain, the Horned King, goes down as one of the scariest antagonists we've ever seen in a children's film. Seriously? How did this movie ever get made?

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Nate Phillips
Nate Phillips

what was this article about again? '5 Disney movies that we took at random to talk about their imminent or non-existant Broadway potential'?  

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