Video Art, Smartphone Apps, and Beer (Hooray!) at "Situation Range"

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"Some Song," a video-based sculpture by Jordan Marty.
Twenty-four frames per second. That is all it takes for the human eye to register fluid motion, and for one night only, LegalArt is hosting a retinal feast.

This Friday, an exhibition of video-based works by national and international artists will be on display on the second and fourth floors of the LegalArt building, as well as at the adjacent The Corner bar.

The exhibit, "Situation Range," organized by the curatorial collective Southernmost Situations, features video-based sculptures and installations, and a looped reel of short videos. According to the curators, "No two pieces in the exhibition deal with the same situation. It is a survey of modern topics."

Still from "Historical inquiry: Primary source analysis" by Tatiana Istomina.
"We have artists from Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Germany. We have people who have submitted work...who actually relate perfectly in this moment and to what's going on worldwide, and that's something that the Internet and online media and video are feeding," said Dominique Breard, program coordinator for LegalArt.

French artist Alice Raymond's La nuit est un refuge is a piece that dissects the cinematic elements of cinematography, soundtrack, narrative, and dialogue in an intentionally obscure style.

Still from "A Conversation Piece" by Cynthia Cruz.
TM Sisters' video Lite Nite Shimmer explores the implication of equal hierarchy between the "battle and celebration" of night and day through stunning editing and effects.

Artist Dylan Römer will launch Time Piles, his smartphone application that creates a juxtaposition of images that are filmed in different times in order to explore issues of displacement, memory, and altered states of consciousness. He will be filming the video while simultaneously screening it as it occurs during the exhibit.

At the Corner, Clifton Childree's We Want Beer is a site-responsive installation that will be conveniently situated among the bar's patrons. According to Southernmost Situations, "Its characters yell, 'We want beer' from across The Corner's bar. There is an undeniable relationship between art openings and alcohol, and Clifton is responding to this in a theatrical situation."

"Time Piles" by Dylan Römer
Liz Ferrer and Alan Gutierrez are the collaborative minds behind Southernmost Situations, who proposed the show as part of their two month visiting curator residency at LegalArt in February 2012.

"We like one-night situations," said the duo of the unique exhibit. So it's now or never to see this contemporary display on Memorial Day weekend.

Situation Range takes place at the MacLeod Warehouse and the Corner, 1035 N Miami Avenue, Miami, this Friday, May 25, from 8 to 11 p.m.

--Briana Saati

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