The Ten Hottest Porn Stars at Exxxotica (NSFW, Obviously)

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A rare safe-for-work image of Belladonna.
Exxxotica is just around the corner. If you're like us, you're in the process of meticulously plotting out your schedule, carefully making sure that you can see your favorite MILF stars while not missing your BDSM besties at the same time.

But with such a stacked lineup, even the most experienced porn aficionados are scratching their head trying to figure out who to visit. That's why we've culled the lineup to bring you the best performers to check out.

(This is a post about porn, featuring photos of porn stars and links about porn conventions. So yeah, NSFW.)

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Remember when Chyna was the talk of the town of the wrestling biz? Since then, she has gotten into the porn biz, wowing audiences with her gigantic clitoris. How big? Look at your pinky, then look one finger over. She recently filmed a scene with a Hulk Hogan lookalike as well as other wrestling doppelgangers. This might be the low point of her career -- and she had a stint on Celebrity Rehab, so that's really saying something.

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Joslyn James
Hey guys, did you find Demi Moore attractive, but only in G.I. Jane? Well here's the next best thing. And she comes with her own Crash Test Dummy!

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Shows that fame is temporary. You don't hear anything from these pornstars anymore. The current nr.1 seems to be Mia Khalifa, according to the top 100 pornstar list of, a lebanese girl.

She's pretty crazy. She did a video, dressed in burqa and got death threats for it :p


Needless to say, when we see something beautiful we somehow get attracted to it. Not only beauty but also sex appeal, and the two combined become a lethal weapon (or trap) that attract us in the most unconventional ways.Everyone is looking for money, and some of these stars are willing to do some side jobs. is an informational site where you can see it yourself. A business thrives only if it has customers. 

And porn is booming...


it's not that up to date

there's much more hot chicks at than it's listed in the article

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