Basketball Wives Reunion, Part Two: Here's What You Missed

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Here we are, kids: we made it to the end. It took 17 episodes, but the finale, part two of Basketball Wives finally arrived last night.

We just wish we could say it was worth the wait.

This season's reunion was, well, perfectly fine. We didn't hate it. But we sure are missing the days of season one, when the women were brawling and throwing buckets of water on each other. (We're classy like that. What can we say?)

Still, last night's episode had its moments. Ten of them, in fact. Read on to find out about Royce's Dezmon drama, Tahiti temper tantrums, and more.

10. We would like to thank John Salley for reminding us and and the rest of the world about Royce Reed's tragic dating life. This show has only been on for four seasons, yet she's been through three different "loves of her life." Monday night, she revealed that even with the recent cheating scandal, she and Dezmon are good to go. Cant wait to see who she is dying for in season five. God knows it probably won't be Dezmon.

<9. Royce was in a stage play. And her performance ... we cannot even. Look out, Broadway, because here comes Royce. (We're of course talking about Broadway's street corners, not its playhouses.)

8. For two weeks in a row now we've had to relive the hot mess that was the wives' vacation in Tahiti. This week, Kesha finally let Tami know why she didn't speak up that fateful afternoon when the purse stealing incident occurred. Miss Nichols did her best to hold her ground, but against Tami, you know that didn't go well. She could barely get a word in edgewise.

7. Oh, and hey Tami, look up the word apology. This is a thing you should know how to do by now. Your attempt during part two was pretty sad and worthless.


6. Perhaps one of the biggest things to come out of the Tami vs. Kesha debate last night was Suzie opening her mouth. And when she did, did she ever. As Kesha accused her of running her mouth, she looked her straight in the face and let her know she needed to "shut the f*** up." Well, that's nice. Congrats Suzie, you got 30 seconds of airtime.

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