Ten Incredible Finds in the FIU Wolfsonian Digital Archives

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Hey there, history buffs. Looking to take a break from the nonstop wedgies and tormenting by your peers? Today's your lucky day.

FIU's Wolfsonian archive has recently been digitized, putting thousands and thousands of artifacts at your fingertips. No, really -- there are over 16,000 objects catalogued in the archive, each with at least one photo. Browsing the Wolf's collection in person is the best way to see this stuff, of course. But as far as bored-at-work pastimes go, clicking through these archives totally trumps Facebook stalking or Perez Hilton.

Case in point: these ten fun, freaky finds. We've looked through the archive, and after our arduous research (read: tying lewd phrases in the search box) are bringing you a tiny sliver of some of the great finds to explore.

Why settle for a vase when you can get the creepiest vase that has ever existed? Who is this mole-afflicted man? Why is he near the capitol building? We can't say. But there's one thing we know for sure: It's gotta be fun to put stuff in the vase. Look at it, he's just so happy to receive what you're offering.

The Wolfsonian's design aesthetic is part of what's made them this year's Best Museum in Miami. So why not use the archive for some remodeling inspiration? Like this rug. Look how yellow it is. And circular. You could add a black dot and then cut out a sliver. Boom. Pac-man rug. Enjoy being single for the rest of your life!

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The Wolfsonian-FIU

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It's "Starlight Express," not "Starline." Jeez.. and Evita was extremely popular. Silly young bucks..


It may be unfair of me to post this since I work at the Wolfsonian, but I laughed out loud at your witty commentary. Great choices, and thousands of more object images where they came from. You also picked what I consider the weirdest piece in the whole collection --- the vase with the man popping out of it. It is actually a replica of a very daring (and now famous) 19C building in Turin, Italy called the Mole Antonelliana (GOOGLE it), its fascinating. Thank you for connecting with us. 

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