Five Reasons Florida Supercon is Better Than Any South Beach Club

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Christina Mendenhall
See "A N00b's Guide to Florida Supercon."

Looking for a crazy time this weekend? Crazy outfits, great music, and plenty of debauchery?There's no need to take your talents to South Beach. All the real freaky fun is at Florida Supercon, delivers your weekend entertainment all wrapped up in a pretty, geeky bow. Ad at $55 for a weekend ticket (including Monday) and $5-8 for parking, it might actually end up cheaper than whatever lame drunken fumblings you were planning in the 33139.

Read on for five reasons Supercon's the best place to be this weekend.

Christina Mendenhall
1. The Dress Code
Four-inch-heels, wigs, and spandex are not just for Washington Ave. anymore. Cosplayers deliver impressive costumes that would make Affliction nuts feel woefully under-bedazzled. Dressing to impress here means reproducing your favorite character's gear with accuracy. Considering that a lot of people's favorite characters are grossly underdressed heroines and muscle-bound heroes, you'll feel right at home.

2. The Characters

Plenty of familiar SoBe archetypes can be found in different permutations at Supercon: You can find the Fight-Happy Bro at the Florida Super Championship Wrestling bouts all weekend long. The Know-It-All/One-Upper can be found all around the con, even in the most unlikely of places: one fond memory from Supercons past is of an epic nerd fight that took place at the Revenge of the Nerds Comedy Show over which X-Men movies were better. This shit gets heated, y'all, and it's more than worth the price of admission.

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DoubleTree Miami Airport and Convention Center

711 NW 72nd Ave., Doral, FL

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