Free Events This Week: Jim Nickless, European Film Festival, Artists' Exhibition

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Segundo de Chomon is just one of the creepy-eyed old Spanish actors you may see at Wednesday's short film screening.
It's summer! Well, okay, it's not officially summertime until June 20. And only kids really have a summer vacation, so you might not get any time off work to take a vacation of your own. But you can't deny it's hot as hell outside. So... Summertime! Hooray!

Even if these next few months aren't everything they were when you were 11, there are definitely still plenty of ways to enjoy them. In the next four days alone, there are free events galore to help you welcome the summer months.

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  • Embedded: Jim Nickless had unique access to Cuban revolutionaries and their attempts to overthrow Castro. His captivating photos are on display at Freedom Tower.

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  • Little Dorrit: Parts 1-2 of this BBC adaptation are screening at Miami Tower, with the next six parts to follow in the coming weeks.

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