Magic City Season Finale: Unhappy Endings

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Ike in happier times.
How about that Magic City season finale? The little premium cable show that could (the one about our fair city, anyway) wrapped up quite nicely, by which we mean everyone is miserable. Good job, very dramatic.

Sure the Miramar may be saved by its new investor Meg, but can it survive with Ike in jail? Probably -- it's a hotel, not a child or something.

That said, we're eagerly anticipating the second season to see how our favorite characters get out of this mess. (And good job giving the show a second season, Starz! After all, it's the biggest success since your last hit: Nothing.)

The newly discovered redhead Judi Silver is being held in an interrogation room where White Dude: District Attorney knocks her around a bit and withholds food and water. This isn't Law and Order, people. (What if it was, though? Quick, write in a role for Richard Belzer next season. He'll do anything.) But White Dude: District Attorney gets results. Granted, it's through pointing a gun at Ms. Silver, but he finally has what he needs to pin the murder on Ike. Talk about unorthodox!

Vera quietly prepares for her dancing re-debut, unbeknownst to Ike. Let's just acknowledge that this is the least important, least interesting storyline and move on. Ike doesn't want her to dance, but she does, and he comes to terms with it. There, done. Vera does do an admirable job holding down the fort with the television executives when Ike gets incarcerated, though. Yay, new wife!

Ike desperately attempts to drum up network television interest in the hotel. He is still courting Meg for a limited partnership in the Miramar, whatever that is. There's the displeasure of telling Victor and Mercy that their wife/mother won't be joining them anytime soon, or ever. Then it's jail time! How unfair. Though, not to split hairs, but he did murder Judi's would-be assassin. Oh, Ike, sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, like a Jewish Atlas. (Was Atlas Jewish? We were never good with mythology.)

Danny and Mercy: Can they survive long distance? (Spoiler: No.)
Stevie successfully ransacks his dead blackmailer's boat apartment for evidence of his and Lily's tryst. Guess that's the end of that! Oh wait, it isn't. There's the matter of the Butcher, who stays out of the picture for most of the episode. Once the photographic evidence is in his hands, it's strangulation time for Lily. But she outwits him, going for a psychosexual power play that works and ends with him suckling on her breasts like an infant. Then she sleeps with Stevie for old time's sake as the Butcher watches from his sex ceiling. We just can't wait for the marriage counseling in season two!

Let's hear it for Danny, who finally bedded (or showered) Mercy! Break out the novelty balloons! But their consummated love was not meant to last, as Mercy's mother died in her attempt to make it from Cuba to Miami. Wrought with sadness, Mercy headed on out to New York, leaving our newly deflowered Danny behind. Embrace the sadness, Danny. If this were 2012, we would say you should head to a karaoke bar and pour your heart into a rousing rendition of Hall & Oates' "She's Gone." Oh, sure, the crowd will cheer and laugh, as par for the course for the duo's quasi-ironic resurgence, but for you, it will mean so much more!

And that's it for the first season of Magic City. We have to admit, we were pretty skeptical of this show starting off, given the relative failures of other recent period dramas not created by Matt Weiner. But Magic City was persistent, first giving us beautiful cinematography and strong performances until it finally delivered on engrossing stories to match. Oh, and boobs. If Mad Men has been compared to Literature with a capital L, then Magic City is it's breezier, if trashier, dollar pulp novel equivalent. Feel free to use that as a pull quote for next year, Starz!

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Maybe, Mercy could land a role in the second season of ABC's Pan Am (NYC early sixties)! Oh yeah it was cancelled/not renewed.........doggonnit! or how about a role on the Playboy Club (set in Chicago in 1961) ....oooops, it was cancelled also. Congrats to Magic City for surviving the first season of a sixties drama! I loved them all! Bigfoot the Boomer   

J.J. Colagrande
J.J. Colagrande

White Dude: District Attorney  is actor Matt Ross, who is coming off a gripping six-year performance in HBO's Big Love, playing a subtler more low-key role in our Magic City. No wonder no one shares these write-ups..

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