Miami's Top Five Basketball Courts, Just in Time for the NBA Finals

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Kareem Shaker
Rejoice, City of Miami, your beloved Heat have earned themselves another shot at an NBA title. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh are poised to finally live up to the hype surrounding the gathering of their "Big Three" in 2010 with a second straight appearance in the NBA Finals.

Last year, the Heat fell just short of their ultimate goal, losing to the Dallas Mavericks to give that franchise its first-ever NBA title (and Mark Cuban a record-breaking tab at LIV in the Fontainebleau). This season, King James and company are determined not to let another team celebrate in their own backyard. Kevin Durant and his Oklahoma City Thunder stand in the way.

Basketball fans often get an itch to play after watching the Big Three's heroics. With Game One of the finals tipping off today, we've got your list of the best places in Miami to catch a pick-up game.

Some close at sunset; others turn the lights on at night. Some have gorgeous views, while others just an ideal location. No matter the reason for their selection, it was well-deserved. Here are our favorite five basketball courts in Miami.

Kareem Shaker
5. Jose Marti Park
Named after a Cuban national hero and important figure in Latin American literature, Jose Marti Park underneath I-95 at the border of Brickell and Little Havana may make you think you just stumbled into "Freedom Town" from the Miami epic Scarface. The park boasts an indoor and outdoor court, as well as a pool, fitness room, playground, and a number of athletic after-school programs. The lights go on at night to accommodate some late night ball. Facilities and a membership for the fitness room are also available for rental. There's just one drawback: You may want to play inside, as opposed to on the outdoor courts, where you can get quite dirty balling underneath the bridge.

Kareem Shaker
4. Flamingo Park
Situated in the very heart of South Beach, Flamingo Park is a favorite for tourists and local residents alike. Lil Wayne, who lives in a nearby highrise, can sometimes be seen riding his skateboard on the sidewalks there. Nearby residents like Anna Kournikova and Shakira have also been known to take a casual stroll through the park, usually surrounded by a barrier of security personnel. Meanwhile, competition at the courts off 13th Street and Michigan Avenue can get intense, but ends when the park closes at sunset.

Location Info


Jose Marti Park

362 SW 4th St., Miami, FL

Category: General

Flamingo Park

999 11th St., Miami Beach, FL

Category: General

Alice Wainwright Park

2845 Brickell Ave., Miami, FL

Category: General

Palm Island Park

159 Palm Ave, Miami Beach, FL

Category: General

Margaret Pace Park

1745 N. Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL

Category: General

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