Wildchild World Celebrates 16 Years of Freaky Fashion (Photos)

Categories: Fashion
Photography by Pamela Wasabi
San Wildchild walks the runway.
Wildchild World is a planet of no impossibilities. Anything -- especially sexy, bewitching things -- can happen.

This week, Iron Side Café hosted Wildchild's 16th anniversary celebration in its main ballroom, complete with a fashion show.

Don't ask where to wear these outfits, or how to walk in them. This was a fashion show, emphasis on the show -- a spectacle to entertain, arouse, and leave your mouth hanging open, something Sean Wildchild specializes in.

Wildchild has traveled the globe and performed in some of the most important music festivals in the world; hosted Cosplay at Sushi Samba for many years; and danced next to CircX. And on Wednesday, over a dozen creatures walked down the stairs at the Iron Side with a provocative dance to celebrate his 16 years of creative mischief as a performing artist.

Check out our favorite freaky looks after the jump.


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