Free Events This Week: Color Me Porno, TM Sisters, Bookleggers

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Want to get your garden growing? Learn to grow adorable little sprouts like these at a workshop this Wednesday
As Emerson said, "Do what we can, summer will have its flies." He may have been on to something. Now that the midsummer days have arrived, the beach is looking too sandy, the mosquitoes too many, and the skies too sunny -- or too cloudy, depending on the day. Summer has started to lose its appeal. Fall now, please!

Until we can greet the fall season and its accompanying reprieves, we highly recommend you soak up the A/C during the day and explore the city during the evening. With an adult playground by Jessy Nite, a video workshop with the TM sisters, and more free events this week, there's more than enough to keep you out of the house and happy.

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  • Portrait of a Shipibo Healer: Fulbright grant winner and Cuban-born Miamian Maria Lino returns from the Andres with "Shared Threads." Her piece, showing at Frost Art Museum, is part of a series of video portraits taken during Lino's time in Peru.

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  • Workshop with the TM Sisters: The duo lead a video lecture and interactive workshop at the de la Cruz Collection. Learn the technical stuff like green screens, animation and editing, and help make a collaborative video piece with your fellow students.
  • Green it up: Fancy yourself a green thumb? Even if you're not the best gardener, you can bring some naturalness back into your cooking and your kitchen by checking out this sprouts workshop with Mary Robertson at The Standard.

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

De La Cruz Collection

23 NE 41 St., Miami, FL

Category: General

Frost Art Museum

10975 SW 17th St. Miami, FL, Miami, FL

Category: General

Villa 221

221 NE 17th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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