Misael Soto's Giant Towel Takes a Road Trip Up the East Coast

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Ilana Shulevitz
Soto and his towel on Miami Beach in May.

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After three Miami Beach appearances, Misael Soto is rolling up his jumbo-sized beach towel and taking it for a trip up the East Coast.

Soto, who uses art for social tests and exercises, has set a schedule to visit 10 very different beaches along America's shore in an effort to bring together beachgoers, or, at the least, watch them awkwardly try to break through the comfort barrier.

"I'm excited to get different reactions as I move from place to place," says the Florida artist. "It'll be very interesting to see how people change as I go up the coast. People say Southerners are nice. Let's see."


Until now, Soto has kept the towel in South Florida, carefully picking out the dates and locations to lug out the 56-by-29-foot installation. The terrycloth giant was last seen at the end of busy 41st on Miami Beach on Memorial Day, one of the busiest beach days of the year. For his latest venture, Soto carefully chose beaches he believes to be the most popular on the East Coast, judging by Internet research and word of mouth.

With each past endeavor with his towel, Soto has continued to learn about people and the way they interact. "I had certain initial expectations that have been totally debunked," he said. "It's not one type of person who has a positive reaction; it's more the kind of people who are positive. And a big part of my work is trying to get people to think positively."

Soto takes off July 29th after one more Miami Beach stop. His schedule is as follows:

Miami Beach - Saturday, July 28
Fort Lauderdale Beach - Sunday, July 29
Hollywood Beach - Monday, July 30
Daytona Beach - Wednesday, August 1
Jacksonville Beach - Thursday, August 2
Myrtle Beach - Saturday, August 4
Nags Head - Sunday, August 5
Ocean City, MA - Tuesday, August 7
Ocean City, NJ - Wednesday, August 8
Belmar Beach - Thursday, August 9
Rockaway Beach - Saturday, August 11

Soto will be updating and posting blurbs and exact locations on his Twitter account, and posting pictures on his Instagram account throughout the summer.

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Does he wash that thing after each use and how? He's got to use a swimming pool to clean it.

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