Artist Jessy Nite on Porn, Wynwood Lovin', and Why Not To Take Art "So F***ing Seriously"

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Late last week, we reported that according to Trojan Condom Survey, Miami residents are number one in the country when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Not just that, but we are also at the top of the list of how many times we get down and dirty each year. Really, what they are trying to tell us is that we are a bunch of floozies. (Hey, at least we are using condoms... let's hope.)

So it's no surprise that when local artist Jessy Nite decided to find her calling, it was porn. Well, porn-inspired art, anyway.

Nite, who moved from New York to Miami five years ago this month, is presenting her newest creation, "Color Me Porno," tomorrow with the help of nightlife veterans NFA Crew. Together, they are turning two giant rooms at Villa 221's Skybox Gallery into an adult-themed playground with word searches, connect the dots, and wall art that all the carry the theme of sex, sex, and more sex.

Before the big debut, we chatted with Jessy Nite about just what fans can expect this evening, her thoughts on the Miami art scene, and why everyone should let their freak flag fly.

Cultist: OK, I need to know the details of your new show, "Color Me Porno."
Jessy Nite: I had a solo show in February where we had a Color Me Porno installation, and that was so much fun. Then when I had this opportunity to do it again, but I wanted to do it full on. "Color Me Porno" comes from these coloring books I use to make. They were pretty shitty, but fun. Like one page was connect the dots, but it was a ball gag. It's really ridiculous. It's just supposed to be fun. "Color Me Porno" has been a series, and this exhibition starting Friday is another one, The Play House edition. There will be coloring, dirty word searches, connect the dots. It's going to be an adult playhouse.

People will be able to participate?
Yes. It's essentially my art on the walls with crayons on the floor so people can go at it. I wasn't really sure people would participate the first time around in February. I didn't think they would color in the lines. People were fucking hilarious. They would color in the lines, they would write crazy words, they draw their own pictures. The energy is fun.

This is not your typical "walk around and glance at art" kind of gallery.
No. But I think this is where art is going right now. People are trying to push it. We are so involved with each other's lives with all the things we have available with computers, Apps, our phones. People want to be a part of something. With a lot of my installations, I encourage people to have their own experience. It's really important to me.

Do you think people that are a little conservative should stay away?
Nobody should stay away. If it offends you, that's OK. But I encourage everyone to at least try. The gallery is a little less dirty. The porno playing cards are really dirty. There aren't dildos going, well, into orifices. I saved those for the playing cards.

What inspired you to get so down and dirty with your art?
I don't understand why people take art so fucking seriously. I have studied it my whole life. I want to make stuff that people look at and enjoy. Maybe they laugh a little bit. Maybe it makes them a little uncomfortable. But sex is one of the most enjoyable things in life -- why not celebrate it?

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