Swim Week, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, and Ultra Music Festival Clash at Lila Nikole (Photos)

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Images courtesy Lila Nikole.
See our interview with swimwear designer Lila Nikole Rivera.

Miami's not exactly a city that treasures its quiet, subtle beauty. If you want to be noticed, you've gotta do something outrageous to steal the spotlight from someone or something equally stunning and/or insane. Those stakes are doubled during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, when out-of-town designers and models join the ongoing war for attention.

So we get the impulse behind Lila Nikole's "Electrika" Swim Week show, which paired two of Miami's most in-your-face assets -- Ultra Music Festival and the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders -- on the runway. That combination is sure to get you noticed.

Let's just say these looks were indeed noticeable.

The styling of the suits was approaching on-trend, with statement jewelry and fresh-from-the-beach hair and makeup. But the suits themselves, in loud, tie-dye-esque prints, read a bit on the cheap side. Still, when you're taking your fashion inspiration from a girl who romanced a tree in public, it could've been worse.

We saw plenty of Native American-inspired styles on the runways last weekend, and not just the braided, beaded number on the cheer-model above. Still, we're pretty sure most women would rather not show off their, uh, crotch fringe.

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