Second Saturday Art Walk Guide: Five Unmissable Shows

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Summer Collectibles
This show at O. Ascanio Gallery boasts European and South American talent known for geometric, op art, and kinetic works created with distinct mathematical precision. Some of the works on view are by Carlos Cruz-Diez, Victor Vasarely, Jesus Raphael Soto, and Victor Lucena.  "These are artists whose primary concerns were exploring space and geometry with mathematical exactitude to convey a sense of pure and subtle beauty," says gallery owner Oscar Ascanio. "For example, we will be exhibiting a piece by Lucena, a Venezuelan artist who lives in Italy and has represented his homeland at the Venice Biennale. It's an incredible work from his 'Shock Series,' in which he fastidiously slices exact incisions into copper laminates that are remarkable."
O. Ascanio Gallery 2600 NW Second Ave., Miami. Call 305-571-9036 or visit

Summer Reading
This intriguing group show is dedicated to text-based art and features works by Italy's Patrizia Giambi, Argentina's Pablo Lehmann, South Korea's Kyu Hak Lee, Miami's own Tony Vazquez, and California-based Ryan McCann. McCann played quarterback for the UCLA Bruins before signing a free agent contract with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2003. But then his career fizzled out after a shoulder injury. He's been torching the art world ever since. Now the former gridiron gunslinger is poised to make his Wynwood debut during this weekend's Second Saturday Art Walk. McCann has created a technique he calls "pyrography," for which he uses a blowtorch to burn images into wood and then layers text over it, creating ambiguous strikes against pop culture while parsing sociopolitical themes. Also standing out at Black Square is Lee's landscape-like wall installation using rolled newspapers and Vazquez's collages on canvas created from pages torn from art magazines.
Black Square Gallery, 2248 NW First Pl., Miami. Call 305-424-5002 or visit

Things Beyond Our Control
Curated by Andrew Reed, this group offering corrals 18 artists in a show "that seeks to address questions of agency, structure, and the ability of art, specifically pictorial art, to come into contact with the conditions of its own production." Some of the talent on display includes names like Dan Attoe, Hernan Bas, Naomi Fisher, Keith Haring, Rashid Johnson, Man Ray, Lucas Samaras, Malick Sidibe, Hank Willis Thomas, Michael Vasquez Kara Walker, and Chen Wei. The Snitzer press release also states: "The artworks on display are things -- a term chosen to cite the works in the realm of social relations rather than idealist speculation -- whose purposiveness has run wild. The loss of a 'beyond' forecloses on the spatial and temporal possibility of anything other than 'now' and aligns processes of meaning production with an austere perspective -- one whose reproducibility is its own raison d'être and main criteria for judgment." We're not sure what this all means, other than to remind us that much like Warhol once said, artists make stuff we don't need but sure love to look at.
Fredric Snitzer Gallery, 2247 NW First Place, Miami. Call 305-448-8976 or visit

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