Adan Jodorowsky On Fame, His Father, and His Miami Horror Odyssey

Asia Argento
So there's a gold-dripping vagina -- what's going on with that?
Why not? For me, a vagina is sacred.

You made sure there's no shortage of weird in the film. Why the midgets and trannies?
Because I like what is not common. I like what I can't understand. I love what goes further than my mind and I love the difference. For me, a midget is wonderful. When I was a kid, my babysitter was a midget. I grew up with midgets, so for me they are like a childhood souvenir. I love transvestites because they remind me that we are half men and half women. We come from a mother and a father, so men who hate women hate a part of themselves.

The plot of The Voice Thief has a very Guillermo Del Toro feel, from what you've described so far. Would you say differently?
Nothing to do with him. I just listen to my feelings. This film is a sweet perversion of my imagination.

Do you personally identify with the supernatural and magic elements in the project in any way?
Yes, I am passionate with magic, with healers. I always go to the mountains in Mexico to see a healer. He is my therapist.

Will you as a musician have anything to do with the film's score?
I was thinking about ... a friend of mine and the keyboard player of the band Phoenix [for the score]. I was also thinking about Sebastien Tellier. I have to see the images first, I haven't decided this yet.

Has your father said anything about the project? Do you bounce ideas off each other? I understand you've just completed filming for his most recent film -- why did you want to be a part of it after such a long time since your last collaboration?
My father gave me something in my life: the right to be myself. So he is happy to know that I'm creating without fear. He asked me to be in his movie. It was amazing working with him after 20 years. I won't forget this adventure; working with your family is wonderful. I'm very touched. I know and I'm aware that I'm very lucky to play in such a great movie. But now, it's my turn!

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