Gallery Girls' Amy Poliakoff on Co-Star Liz Margulies: "I Hope One Day She Becomes Mature"

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Liz Margulies (the wine guzzler above on the right) is daughter to renowned art collector and mulch-millionaire, Marty Margulies.
Bravo is advertising Gallery Girls as a struggle between Brooklyn vs. Manhattan. It seems a lot more like you vs. fellow Miami girl, Liz.
Liz is a very big part of the story. Liz has an interesting background. She comes from the art world with her father being a collector. But every girl has to grow, and Liz is still growing. I hope one day she becomes mature to the point where she's open minded and respects people for who they are and doesn't feel the need to attack anyone. I think that is just who Liz is. The show will speak for itself. The kind of person who I am is that I wont attack her -- you will see her attack me. I think she has issues in her past or issues with who she is that make her act a certain way. I hope the best for her. I hope one day she can get to the place that I am at.

Haven't you known one another since you were toddlers?
We don't know each other since we were five, like she says we have. She went to three different high schools. She had a lot of issues at Ransom [Everglades School]. I'm not sure how receptive Liz is to me and my life in Miami. Or, how mine is to hers. I wouldn't say we grew up together because we actually never went to high school together. Yes, we went to elementary school together. Yes, our parents were both staples in the community. When she came to New York, I had moved here first. She reached out to me because she was looking for new friends because she had moved to a new city. And she did -- she went out with my friends. It's interesting to me that she feels the need to attack other people because maybe its an insecurity thing.

Girl, you were a tad "under the weather" (AKA wasted) on the first episode.
I wasn't that drunk. I had two glasses of wine. When you have someone narrating their attack against you during that time, it makes it seems a lot worse because of the narration.

Your dad pays for your apartment. You work unpaid. It seems you're a tad privileged.
A moment in time doesn't define who you are. The show will speak for itself. You can't judge someone from the first episode. I have a very big heart and that's what I pride myself on. That will show at the end, and you have to watch the whole season. I am getting my eyelashes done and having fun at a dinner party in the first episode. Who I really am comes across on the show but it happens throughout the season. Continue to watch.

I have seen the first episode. Who am I going to love? Who am I going to hate?
Liz is strong person and is very opinionated. People will want to hear her opinions but she won't be as loved as much. Chantal is really witty. Angela has a lot of confidence. Maggie is really sweet, and sometimes the sweeter you are, you can be taken advantage of. There is a character for every person to relate to, I think. That's what makes the show so dynamic.

What's your advice for girls who want to tackle the art world themselves?
Intern. Education is important but it's almost as valuable because you become familiar with the work place. But you are never going to become very successful at any job unless you stop caring what people think and just believe in yourself. That's really important when you're an intern -- you have to own it.

Gallery Girls premieres Monday, August 13, at 10 p.m.

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