HGTV's "Urban Oasis 2012," a Pricey, Generic Bayfront Condo in Miami, Can Be Yours

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In the "Miami" episode of Louie, a local Cuban points to a towering condo building from the backyard of his family's single-family home, and tells Louis CK he feels bad for the people he sees on its balconies, because they always look so sad.

Boo effing hoo, thought all of Miami's jealous real estate lovers in unison.

If you count yourself among them, we hope you have cable TV. HGTV gives a high-priced, pre-packaged condo dwelling to one lucky viewer in its "Urban Oasis Giveaway 2012" each year, and this year, that condo is in Miami.

The chosen spot sits on the 20th floor of trendy Paramount Bay on North Bayshore Drive.

Killer view, check.
Cultist got to scope out the fancy digs in a media "sneak peek" this week. The condo itself measures 1,700 square feet of conventional Miami high-rise living. Like its predecessors in Chicago and New York City, it's luxurious, classy and aesthetically appealing -- if somewhat predictable.

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