Mizucon: Cosplay and Kinky Bondage for Miami Anime Fans

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The girls of Mizucon.
Mizucon is a convention devoted to Japanese animation (or anime, as the cool kids call it) and a grab-bag of other geek-out-worthy pursuits. Whether you're a devoted anime lover or just getting your feet wet in the fandom, there's something at Mizucon for type of nerd.

Not an anime fan? No problem--the con is home to video game competitions, workshops, sci-fi discussions, and more. Hell, the cosplay alone should be enough to get you through the doors.

Check out five events that will have you dusting off your Sailor Moon costume after the jump.

Learn the ins and outs of Shibari Spreader Bar use at "All Tied Up!"
5. Star Trek Discussion (Saturday, 6 PM, Panel Room 3)
Why should anime get all the love this weekend? This panel is devoted to all things Star Trek. Hang out with fellow Trekkies and gab about which series was better, how the new movies will stack up, or whether the Mars Curiosity rover is about to violate the Prime Directive.

4. All Tied Up! An Introduction to Shibari (Saturday, 11 PM, Panel Room 1)
Shibari is the Japanese art of rope bondage. You'll get a history of shibari as well as live demonstrations and the opportunity to workshop basic knots. No experience, partners, or rope is required--but if you wanted to BYORope, you could bring 2-3 lengths of 25-foot rope. For obvious reasons, this one's 18+.

3. Cupid's Rush Speed Dating (Saturday, 9:30 PM, Panel Room 2)
Looking for that special someone to share your fandom with? Find your match here. You'll meet 24 other people, whittle down your suitors to five, and meet your match for brunch at the Maid's Café. $10 gets you into the event as well as brunch with your nerdy soulmate.

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DoubleTree Miami Airport and Convention Center

711 NW 72nd Ave., Doral, FL

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