Porn Star Lisa Ann on Performing as Sarah Palin in Tampa: "I'm Not Really an Actress. I'm a Mattress Actress"

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Sarah Palin might not have been invited to the Republican National Convention, but her porn impersonator is crashing the party.

This Friday and Saturday, America's most popular adult film star Lisa Ann will take her traveling Sarah Palin act to Tampa to strip for conservative delegates from across the country. We were curious how Ann prepares to play the country's most polarizing politician -- both on the big screen and the stripper pole -- so we gave her a call.

"I don't have an acting coach or days to prepare for my role or anything like that," she tells Cultist. "I'm not really an actress. I'm just a mattress actress."

Sadly, that was the only joke Ann made during our 20-minute conversation. Who knew that a woman who makes a living by parodying politicians would take herself so seriously?

The interview started well, at least. Ann called us "dear" in a voice as sweet as her best Sarah Palin sotto voce. Then, like Palin's political career, the interview went a bit off the rails. What follows is an edited and abridged Q&A with America's top adult film actress.

New Times: Fellow porn star Jenna Jameson recently endorsed Mitt Romney for president ("When you're rich, you want a Republican in office"). Do you want to take this opportunity to make an endorsement of your own?

Lisa Ann: That's the wonderful thing about our country: everybody is entitled to their own opinion. With politics, it's kinda like religion. You shouldn't judge people on it. But it's unfortunate that some people just look at taxes. That's the one thing they ride on when it comes to politics. Sometimes you need to do a little more homework than that. I'm not going to knock anyone for their choices. I'm pro-Obama. And sure, we would like to pay less taxes, but the beautiful thing about wealth is that there is nothing wrong with sharing it and being able to provide a better country over all.

Is that an Obama endorsement?
No. I don't really want to get involved in any of that right now.

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CJ Ritchie
CJ Ritchie

thats ok Sarah Palin is not really a representative of the people either


@MiamiNewTimes @thereallisaann great interview


@MiamiNewTimes @thereallisaann loved reading this interview...was wondering if the long form is also up on the net? :)


MAN!!!  I wanna do a scene with Lisa Ann.  That'd be bad@$$!!!

Will Iam
Will Iam

I'm just glad is not Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton...woof!


@thereallisaann Lisa, what I can tell from this interview, I can tell you're a very sweet, intelligent woman! Thank you @miaminewtimes!


@thereallisaann @miaminewtimes I'd be honored if you followed me

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