Warren Sapp on Chad "Ochocino" Johnson and Evelyn Lozada: "She Did It"

Our mamas always told us, "Don't judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes." So, when we heard the news of Chad Ochocino being dropped from the Miami Dolphins for an alleged domestic violence dispute with wife Evelyn Lozada we went to someone who has been there, experienced that: Warren Sapp.

No, the former Hurricanes defensive lineman who went on to play for Tampa Bay and Oakland has never been dropped from an NFL team. But he did have a run-in with the law because of domestic battery back in 2010. (The charges were later dropped.) Both Sapp and Johnson are NFL standouts, Dancing With The Stars alums, and never ones to hold back. So we knew Sapp would have something to say.

Sapp will make an appearance tonight at Books & Books in Coral Gables to promote is new book Sapp Attack!, so we took the opportunity to ask his opinion on the whole Ochocinco situation. Oh, and did he ever have an opinion. Speaking on everything from his time on reality TV to hating on Tim Tebow, he let us have it.

Cultist: Are you still living in South Florida these days?
Warren Sapp: Hollywood. Hollywood, Florida, that is.

Are you excited to be coming home? I know you have been on quite the media tour for you new book.
I am excited. It gives people a little time to get into the book. We will have a nice little Q&A and a nice little signing section. Its always a nice time.

Speaking of your book, what can fans expect from Sapp Attack!?
They are going to learn some things about my personal life. How I was raised and a little bit about the make-up of me. I didn't pull off the high power perception by myself, trust me. But know that I definitely didn't sugar coat me. It's a bluntly honest look at the big fella. I mean, I think it's a page-turner.

What is going to surprise fans?
It varies. Dealing with media outlets, you deal with people who do sports, don't do sports, people in the business, people in finance, etc. Then I have fans who loved football and then fans who loved the dancing. Each one of them enjoyed different parts of the book. Everyone takes something else from it. I think that is what makes it unique.

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