Warren Sapp on Chad "Ochocino" Johnson and Evelyn Lozada: "She Did It"

Do you think the Dolphins are worse off without Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson?
I was rooting for him. When Chad had that first press conference on Hard Knocks, I thought to myself, "This isn't good." The coaches came to him and let him know he can't do this, he represents the organization, etc. I have a sense of humor, but they should have come to him and said, " I saw the press conference. If you do it again, you're gone." He didn't know if this was his first strike, second strike, what it was. They were setting him up. There were so many potholes; he didn't know where to step.

You think they used the Evelyn Lozada fight to kick him off the team?
Come on. Tell me the first and last name of a brother who headbutted someone.

Chad Johnson, I suppose.
No, before that. When is the last time one of your homeboys called you and told you, "Let me tell you about this fight at the club last night where this guy and his girlfriend were walking by and he turned around and headbutted the girl." Never. He's taking the rap for it. We don't do that. She did it. That's a woman that is going to depend on her beauty for the rest of her life to open any door she wants to walk through, and she is going to do what to her forehead? I'm done. [Chad] is a bunch of fun and I am sorry this had to happen to him.

On a more positive subject, I still am in shock you did Dancing With The Stars.
It was the funnest season yet. I think they have gone a little less since then. It's been going down. You're like, "Not that crew!" We had an awesome crew: old lady, fat guy, comedian, beautiful ladies, crazy people, we had everything.

Do you still watch?
Sure. Not lately because the NFL Network has been putting me on the air for Monday Night Football. Sometimes I watch the reruns, but I can't vote at that point.

Your boys had to give you shit when you started.
For about two weeks they did. Then they started watching and they were like, "Boy, we aren't sure if that's the camera, but it looks like you're rolling. The big fella is rolling. I like it!"

You had to be a little surprised you got runner-up.
I was surprised to make it past week six. I was working at that point. I could see the light. You have to be lucky to to win a championship. You have to have a little luck to come close to winning a championship and I was very lucky.

You were with Kim Kardashian on your season. I'm shocked you two weren't dating by the end of it -- she loves athletes!
I think she was with Reggie (Bush) at that time. One of the guys that dribbles or sticks a ball. She likes a little guy: Reggie, Kanye, and Ray J. She ain't going over 200 pounds. Other than that Humphries man, but that was too much man!

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