Ten Things You Don't Know About Chris Bosh

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In the brotherhood that is Miami Heat's "Three Kings," Chris Bosh is the often overlooked middle child. Think about it. Dwyane Wade is Mr. Miami, now a New York Times bestselling author in addition to the 305's own basketball superhero. LeBron James is arguably the most famous basketball player actively playing in the NBA.

But how much do you really know about Mr. Bosh?

In support of all the disgruntled Jan Brady types out there, we stopped by The Frieze -- which is selling an ice cream flavor named after Bosh to benefit his charity for at-risk youth and families in need, Team Tomorrow -- for a one-on-one chat with Bosh. And we learned that there's more to this guy than mad skills on the court and his eerie resemblance to a velociraptor.

10. People Love Chris Bosh
You might think you knew this already, but until you've seen dozens of fans waiting to greet the man in mid-day Miami humidity, you really haven't fully grasped the full force of Bosh's star power. We thought an event from 4-6 p.m. in 90 degrees would keep away the crowd. It didn't -- the line was wrapped around the block. Was he shocked by the amount of support? Bosh seemed genuinely touched, saying, "I get more support than I deserve."

9. Teenyboppers Heart Bosh
Ever heard of Bieber Fever? Well, the tween community loves the Big Bosh too. One employee told us, "This is the best day of work. Ever. Like, ever!" Does Tiger Beat still exist? Because Bosh deserves the cover.

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The Frieze Ice Cream Factory

1626 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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jjcolagrande topcommenter

What a nice guy . . . we're lucky to have him..


@CultistMiami both are secretly gay?

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