Genaro Ambrosino, Early Art Basel Pioneer, Returns With New Gallery General Audience Presents

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Human Structure Divided, Derrick Adams
After nearly five years on hiatus, Venezuelan dealer Genaro Ambrosino has returned to the Miami arts scene. Ambrosino, who was one of select few locals who made the cut at the Miami Beach Convention Center during early editions of Art Basel Miami Beach, is opening General Audience Presents together with Lissette Garcia, a local art advisor and independent curator, near the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami.

General Audience Presents joins indie spaces Bridge Red Studios/Project Space and Under The Bridge, in a neighborhood that's becoming noted for its alt art vibe.

Ambrosino's new project space plans to traffic in "thoughtfully curated exhibits that encourage a discourse between emerging and mid-career artists and the local arts community," he says.

Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. "Architectural Archetypes," GAP's inaugural exhibit, features work by multidisciplinary New York-based artist Derrick Adams, the artist's South Florida solo debut.

We spoke to Ambrosino about his return, the new space, and what's next.

Elevation Section, Derrick Adams
Cultist: Why did you decide to open another space now?

Genaro Ambrosino: It just was the right time. 
A number of people had been insisting for months that I reopen but for some reason it was never quite right. 
Then a series of conditions came together and here we are. Plus, I was getting bored of just traveling.

Why did you partner with Lissette, and what is the mission for the space?

I knew from the get go that if I ever opened a space again I was not going to do it alone. Also my idea was to not have an art gallery per se but rather a project room, an exhibition space. I didn't want to represent artists like I did with Ambrosino Gallery so both these conditions had to come together: a partner that wanted to share responsibilities and that also had the same or at least similar vision.

Lissette happened to be that person.
We have known each other for a while; she was actually my assistant director at Ambrosino Gallery for a number of years and knows the way I like to do things. A big plus is also that unlike me who practically disappeared from the scene five years ago, Lissette has done hundreds if not thousands of studio visits with artists throughout the United States these past years while working for Artist Pension Trust. I am a bit jealous but also very lucky in that regard; you can't pay for such experience and she will be a great resource to achieve our goal of exhibiting up-and-coming and mid-career artists who are "under exhibited" in Miami.

The area you are in has become a hotbed for alternative projects. Are you going to keep things experimental or will it become a commercial venue?

Well, the space is a commercial venue at the end of the day. Both Lissette and I pay for everything so we would like to make some of that money back, especially because that would allow us to finance more daring projects. But marketability is not the focus of the project room. We want to show things that excite us regardless of their commercial potential. That is why we decided to keep the space very small, not only to keep costs down but also to make it really easy for artists to take over the room and create something special with it.

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Miami Beach Convention Center

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General Audience Presents

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