Art Basel Miami Beach Will Include Just One Art Gallery and One Art Position From Miami in 2012

Fredric Snitzer Gallery
Dan Attoe, Something New, appeared at 2012 Art Basel exhibitor Fredric Snitzer Gallery in July.
This morning, Art Basel Miami Beach announced its gallery selections for the fair coming up this December. Amid scores of art spaces from New York, London, Paris, and beyond, just one Miami gallery made the most exclusive cut.

Of the 201 exhibitors selected to show at Art Basel's main gallery sector this year, Fredric Snitzer Gallery will be the sole representative of the Magic City. That's down from 2011, when David Castillo Gallery joined Snitzer at the big show. 

Spinello Projects will also show at the fair this year as part of Art Positions.

The art gallery section of Art Basel is the most prestigious category of acceptance; other categories include Art Nova, which allows galleries to show work completed in the last three years by two or three different artists, and Art Projects, which allows galleries to present a range of work by a single artist. Miami was snubbed entirely in the Art Nova category for 2012; last year Charest-Weinberg showed works by Nicolas Lobo and Ouattara Watts.

But Miami did fare better in the Art Positions category. Spinello Projects, which inaugurated its new home this weekend, was accepted into Art Positions, and will show off the work of Agustina Woodgate at the big show as a result.

In the months since Art Basel Miami Beach 2011, there's been a lot of optimism around Miami's arts scene, with many critics citing the city's potential to become an arts capital and Wynwood's arts district rapidly evolving. But that excitement has been tempered by several artists' departures to more arts-friendly cities in recent months. The announcement of this year's Art Basel galleries seems to indicate that, at least for now, some of the biggest players on the world's arts stage aren't buying into our buzz.

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The artists that split Miami for LA are probably realizing what a big mistake they made about right now. It is much easier to be an artist in Miami, than LA, NYC or any other art scene.


@zer0_raw There's actually 2 Miami galleries-Snitzer + Spinello.


Awesome, the only local guy who is on gallery selection panel is the only one whose gallery gets in year after year. Naturally he doesn't want other galleries with whom he is competing for the same market and collectors places on the same pedestal as he is. Petty politics as usual

Jorge Shicken
Jorge Shicken

im actually okay with this. art basel is more an international event, catering to tourists and high-rollers. everyone knows the good, local talent can be found in wynwood.

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