Iron Man 3 Filmmakers Will Shoot In Miami Beach in October

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Yesterday, we reported that Iron Man film crews were headed to Broward County next month -- strange, we thought, because all our sources said the production would shoot in Miami-Dade.

Happily, it looks like our sources were correct.

The flick will shoot in Miami Beach, according to documents filed with the Miami-Dade County Office of Film and Entertainment.

According to Miami Today, the following permit was filed this past weekend:
IRON WORKS PRODUCTIONS III LLC. Wilmington NC. Caged. Pine Tree Drive between Dade Boulevard and 63rd Street.
"Caged Heat" is the insider/ working title for the flick. Wilmington, North Carolina, is where Iron Man's film crews have spent the past several months filming. IRON WORKS PRODUCTIONS III LLC is, we're guessing, a clever pseudonym for the movie's production company. And Pine Tree Drive between Dade Boulevard and 63rd Street is, of course, where crews have permits to film.

A Film Office source said the "Caged" crew will set up shop in Miami Beach on October 8 to 12, but declined to provide further details.

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AnnMarie Soto
AnnMarie Soto

Don't think this info is supposed to be public.... just a thought.

Gustavo Rey
Gustavo Rey

there is a scene where he destroys south beach ocean drive.. mark my words

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