Here's the Miami "Gangnam Style" Parody Nobody Asked For (Video)

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It was only a matter of time.

"Gangnam Style," the Korean pop single that everyone's either been imitating or groaning about lately, has appeared everywhere from Ellen to So You Think You Can Dance. Today, E! Online pronounced the viral video "officially over."

So it looks like YouTube user aggressivecomix came in just under the wire with a parody version called "Miami Style," posted yesterday. And yeah, it's pretty much what you expect: a Miami-looking chick dancing through a variety of 305 locales while singing about quinceañeras and losing your virginity at Santa's Enchanted Forest.

Watch the video and relive the magic of Gangnam's heyday -- or reopen the bitter mental wounds left by its reign of Internet terror -- after the jump.

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This song/video by Jenny Lorenzo is garbage. ;-X


the santa's line was the best part n you gave it away.

There is no need to be so hateful, she worked hard for this. She stared, edited, recorded and uploaded it to youtube in 24 hrs.

Its supposed to be a joke, and for one that writes for the MIAMI new times maybe you should be more supportive...


I almost peed my pants at the Santa's line. Jaja!


It's so sad that you being the "the social culture guru" that you are, actually hates social culture. If you want to play the "I'm too cool for parodies" card, then please don't do the job that you have. If you think social culture is about visiting museums and operas and not about viral videos (of every kind) then please quit your job. I saw this video and I think it was hilarious and well done. Yes, it's a parody of a video you don't already like but that's no excuse to lift your nose in the air in disgust. By the way, if you do that in our rainy weather, you might drown in the viral waters of YouTube.

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