Kourtney and Kim Take Miami: Five Reasons to Welcome the Kardashians Back to Miami

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She's baaa-aaack.

The Kardashians have once again set their sights on Miami. And the only things standing in their way are the residents of Miami Beach, who must agree to let the show and its stars move into any residential neighborhood before any filming gets underway.

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Look, we're as freaked out and annoyed by the Kardashians as anyone. But please, residents of DiLido Isle, let the Kardashians have their show. Kourtney and Kim, who are planning to shoot another season in which they "take" Miami from a million-dollar Mediterranean-style hub in the Venetian Isles, will become lovable pests, providing backyard entertainment and inspiring lifestyle choices. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to give the show a shot.

1. You could be on TV
Do you remember The Truman Show, that creepy Big-Brother movie starring Jim Carrey as the unknowing star of everyone's favorite reality TV show? Well, the Kardashians have willed themselves into a Truman Show-esque life, and you, dear residents of DiLido Island, just might make a cameo. The Kardashians have so graciously volunteered to have their lives chronicled year after year, as they grow up, grow pregnant, grow older -- all for the fans. (Well, and the millions. But the fans, too.) While TV viewers may be enthralled, you'd get to see the stars up close, perhaps even see yourself on TV -- all while feeling self-righteous that they're stealing your island.

2. You need the excitement
If you have a house on DiLido Isle, it would seem that you lack for nothing -- nothing material, at least. The question is: If you have a comfortable existence complete with money and power, how do you get your juices going? By spending three months living vicariously through the Kardashian sisters, of course. You'll be watching their drama-filled existences play out without ever having to get involved. The paparazzi might come around, but you're the ones who get to be indignant and intruded upon. After all, this was your island first.

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