Bad Girls Club Now Casting Attractive Female Trainwrecks in Miami

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via Oxygen
Morgan -- the bad girl second from left -- appeared on Bad Girls' Club Miami in 2010.

You don't return your library books. You drink regular beer, not light. You never obey the posted speed limit. You may think you're bad -- you may even be bad.

But are you bad enough for the Bad Girls Club?

The Oxygen series is coming back to Miami, and if you're a rude girl who loves attention almost as much as you love getting violent while drinking, now's your chance to find out.

The show's casting directors are advertising via Craigslist, and they're looking for the baddest bitches Miami has to offer. If you're "independent, spirited, opinionated, outspoken or endlessly entertaining," you could be just what they're after. (It probably also helps if you drink a lot.)

The casting is done by appointment only, so be sure to put your best foot (stiletto optional) forward in your email application. They want a bio outlining why you're a bad girl, pictures, and some other basic info.

bad girls club.jpg

The last time the Bad Girls made their home in Miami, we saw cock cakes, threesomes, and bleach-throwing. Who knows what the new crop of cattiness will bring? Can anyone rival the previous girls who hailed from Miami: Morgan, the "uber bitch," or Lee, the "South Beach rebel"?

Well, you can try anyway.

Click here to check out the Craigslist ad.

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