Gallery Girls, Episode Seven: It's Opposites Day!

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This is Chantal's "excited for Art Basel" face.
Our recap of last week's Gallery Girls started out by calling hometown girl Amy Poliakoff "off-putting." That was maybe a little harsh. The girl's one of our own, after all. In fact, after she read that post, she called our offices to firmly but very politely defend herself. And she hinted that any bad vibes you're getting from her early in the season will be erased after the season finale.

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After the second-to-last episode of the season, which aired last night, we can see why. Amy finally manages to channel her need for acceptance into action, single-handedly setting up End of Century's pop-up show for the Brooklyn girls and corralling attendees from the streets of Wynwood to make it a success.

Meanwhile, our favorite no-nonsense girl Liz talks a lot of nonsense. What's next? Up is down? Black is white? Brooklyn is Manhattan? We're so confused.

Previously: Ryan keeps being Ryan, which annoys Maggie and angers Liz. The girls take Art Basel. Kerri works and works and works and talks about how much she works. The Brooklyn clique hates Liz and Liz hates the Brooklyn clique. EOC's hastily planned pop is scheduled at Cafeina, no thanks to Chantal.

Fake effed-up Polaroid screen into Miami, where Angela describes meeting a member of the Fendi family to Claudia and Chantal. The girls talk about the pop-up, and debate giving up on the idea, until Amy calls with news that's um, surprising: She's dropped $2,000 on a tent, lighting, and walls for the event. It's a gesture that's semi-creepy and needy, and the Brooklyn girls say as much. But Amy has another reason for pushing the event: She's trying to save face after getting canned from her free internship by Sharon last week.

"Who wants to be an intern and work for free when you can create your own event?" she says. I'd rather work for free than pay to work out of my own pocket, personally, but then I don't have rich parents.

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I'm one of the guys at the club in Miami and would like to reiterate the wise words of Bobby.. "suck it Liz" haha.  Also bottle service includes 20% tips, we bought our own bottles, so whatever she was complaining about was BS


Pretty reasonable psych analysis

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