Broken Lizard's Steve Lemme Talks Real Life Super Troopers, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Mustache Rides

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Just like Cheech Marin's mustache or The Dude's bathrobe, there are some signature movie moments that are instantly recognizable. For comedy troupe and filmmakers Broken Lizard, their indelible mark on cinema will forever be their twisted views on the things state troopers do when no one's watching, or the exact moment to turn a glass boot during a chugging contest.

Stoner film aficionados everywhere will recognize two of the troupe's five members, Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan, as Mac and Farva from breakout hit Super Troopers, or as Finkelstein and Landfill from Beerfest. (Or, let's be honest, both.) Lemme and Heffernan will bless the stage of the Miami Improv with five shows this week to support their soon to be released comedy DVD Fat Man & Little Boy. They'll bring their Broken Lizard brand of comedy to the Miami Improv stage, along with indulging all the Super Troopers, Beerfest, Club Dread, and Slammin' Salmon fans with stories about their cult comedy classics.

Cultist contacted Steve Lemme for a couple Super Troopers stories of our own -- and we also found out how Heffernan got the nickname "Tuna Can."

Cultist: Do cops or stoners have funnier things to say to you about Super Troopers?
Steve Lemme: Amazingly, it's the cops, because they'll tell us stories about playing the same games that we play in Super Troopers. I've heard from several cops that they've played the meow game and the repeater. One time, a cop played a game with me before knowing who I was: he'd pulled me over and on his approach to my car I could see him in my side mirror using his cell phone to film himself disco dancing as he walked -- when he got to the window and recognized me he almost lost his mind.

Another time, Kevin and I were doing a show in Missouri and there was a cop convention happening at our hotel. I was walking back to my room after the show and a bunch of cops recognized me and made me party with them. I can say there is nothing more surreal than being driven to a 7-Eleven for cigarettes by a drunk cop in his police cruiser.

It also has its perks -- I've been let out of a 120mph speeding ticket. We've been invited to shoot machine guns with cops. We get "get out of jail free" cards in every town we go to. The stoners really only want to know if we're going to make Potfest.

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