131's Solo Show at Villa 221 Nightdrive Art Walk Afterparty: Numerology, Urban Archeology and Mini-CDs

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131 in his secret underground studio
131 is a Wynwood artist whose real name you will never know that you know, and whose face you will never see. His work covers more warehouse walls than there are particles in a microbe. His chaotic explorations of subatomic energies through paint appear in solo outdoor pieces and in collaborations with artists like Gaia, and Aholsniffsglue. Saturday night at his first solo exhibition in three years, he reveals what he's been up to, and it all takes place on the second floor of a mansion off Biscayne during the free Nightdrive Art Walk Afterparty alongside music, booze, and food trucks.

Remember mini-cd's?
131 says, "I think I make historical documents more than art. I'm just reacting to what's around me and documenting it."

"My parents are really into numerology. I like controlling math visually, and using the numbers 13 and 31 as an identity in equations that don't make sense, but that make sense to me."

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Villa 221

221 NE 17th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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