Antonia Wright on Art Live Fair's Hidden Music, Stage Diving, and High-Energy Playtime

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Kansas City-based art collective Whoop Dee Doo brings the party to Art Live Fair this weekend.
With upwards of fifty individual artists, artist collaboratives, performance ensembles, dancers, musicians and writers, this year's dynamic lineup at the Art Live Fair promises a three-day immersion into the creative process fairgoers will long remember.

Beginning Friday at 5:30 p.m. and running through Sunday at the Coconut Grove Convention Center the ground-breaking event formerly known as Wynwood Art Fair is an art fair unlike any other in the nation.
Think of it as an intense, hands-on creative playground where visitors both young and young-at-heart can look at, hear, touch, taste, feel, love art and above all unleash their creative side, all while supporting Miami's Lotus House women's shelter, say organizers.

We talked to artist Antonia Wright, one of event's curators, about the edgy, wacky, and unique art on display this weekend.

Cultist: As the performance curator, what is your strategy and concept behind curating this specific lineup and what can the public expect to discover?
Antonia Wright: Each work in the event is performance-based, interactive, and engages the audience. I was looking for projects where the viewer co-created the piece through their interaction with the work. I liked works that considered themes of the shelter and that were really really fun. This year, we are featuring Miami-based artists in the exhibition. We have over 60 artists participating. I wanted Art Live to be almost like a time capsule of the scene here and reflect those who are making art in Miami now. 

How will Art Live rise above the sheer visual noise and competition for eyeballs typically associated with events such as Art Basel, where experiencing art in a relaxed, contemplative state can be next to impossible?
I think one of the most exciting aspects of the event is how we play with expectation. We have come to associate Art Fairs with this dizzying maze of art hung too closely together with bad carpet. Art Live in a non-commercial art fair and nothing inside is for sale. This is really an event that brings people together to celebrate community and support the Lotus House. 

The Coconut Grove Convention Center is a 40,000-square-foot space with high ceilings. The layout of the event is completely open and all of the invited artists are placed on the floor throughout the venue. The center area really becomes a living, breathing, constantly changing stage of sorts to experiment with throughout the three days.  At Art Live you can stay for all three days and experience something different every second. We have hot-pink bean bags that you can move around the space, take a seat, a watch what you like.

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Coconut Grove Convention Center

2700 S. Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove, FL

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