Agustina Woodgate at Art Basel: Representing Miami by Erasing the World

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The Times Atlas of The World, Agustina Woodgate
Agustina Woodgate is busy in her studio working on her upcoming project for Art Basel Miami Beach and watching a David Bowie documentary as she painstakingly erases maps from the pages of a world atlas.

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"I am learning a lot of geography," quips the Argentine artist. "It was my least favorite subject during my four years of high school in Buenos Aires," she says. "I had to repeat the class every year in summer school. But my teacher would really be proud of me now," she adds.

Indeed, her teacher would and not just because the talented artist can locate Algeria or Turkey on a map. Woodgate is about to show her prowess with the subject matter on the world stage this December when she presents "New Landscapes" at the Art Positions sector of ABMB with Spinello Projects.

Her gallery is one of only two local spaces selected to exhibit at the big fair during the international arts confab, and Woodgate is eager to represent Miami.

At Art Positions, Woodgate will be exhibiting three different representations of the Earth, each as a fresh proposal for a territorial exploration where the boundaries that separate different cultures are blurred. The results offer a notion of optimism with a sense of muted beauty.

"I have been sanding off the maps from a The Times Atlas of the World printed in 1990," explains the artist. "It has 500 maps in it and right now I'm working on Germany."

She has also been listening to books on tape to keep her focused as she meticulously hand rubs the colored ink off the thick geographical tome with pieces sand paper in a laborious process that takes hours.

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Spinello Projects

2930 NW 7th Ave., Miami, FL

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Bayfront Park

301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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Locust Projects

3852 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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