All the Cool Downtown Miami Buildings Are Wearing LED Lighting This Season

The Miami Tower, modeling the latest trend in exterior lighting.
Leave it to Miami to invent architecture fashion. The hottest new accessory for downtown buildings is LED lighting, and the Miami Tower and the InterContinental Miami are among the first to model the latest trend.

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The Miami Tower announced last month that it was upgrading its exterior lighting system with state-of-the-art LED lights that would reduce energy use by 92 percent. But the change wasn't just about reducing the building's carbon footprint. The 216 new fixtures can produce hundreds of different lighting effects in 16 million different colors -- yes, that's 16 million -- according to a press release.

"With the new LED lighting solution in place, Miami Tower may be the most advanced exterior lighting system in the world," said Gavin Cooper, vice president of lighting provider LED Source.

But that prediction came before the InterContinental announced its own LED lighting plans, which could turn the sides of the hotel into giant animated screens.

The hotel is touting its upgrade as a "digital canvas" covering the east- and west-facing sides of its 19-story hotel tower on Biscayne Bay. The walls will display both images and animations about "current affairs and community events," according to a Strategic Hotels & Resorts press release. The same release promises that the installation of thousands of LED lights will be visible from miles away.

That level of lighting sounds more appropriate for the Vegas strip than Miami's business district. But then again, this is Miami. Image is everything, dahling. You simply can't be seen at night without a little bling.

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Miami Tower

100 SE 2nd St., Miami, FL

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InterContinental Miami

100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, FL

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LED industry growing immensely and its all credit goes to manufacturers, who have presented these energy efficient solution to the world. Led lights are very beautiful lighting solution and I am really fond of it. 

People have started using led lights in their offices and houses. I am hoping that, days are not too far when every building of the world would be covered by LED lights.


"LED" it is a very good source of light as an interior and exterior lights. They are used widely as exterior lighting because they have decorative feature, they provides color spectrum and available in many shapes and designs, which makes it more popular. We can see it in many restaurants, in pubs, in many buildings and in any kind of event. They are energy saving and cost effective also.



LED Lights can reduce energy use and reduce carbon footprint, and produce hundreds of different lighting effects in 16 million different colors. That's amazing! Why not broadly use them in the public. is specialized in this field. Welcome to order.


So I had some friends here on vacation from Virginia and they asked:

"Why are the buildings lit up in colors?"

"They just do it to look cool"

"Why would someone want to do that it seems like a waste on money"

"That's why no one goes to Virginia for vacation" 

Kim Russell
Kim Russell

My law firm, Genovese, Joblove & Battista P.A. is the second largest tenant in this building. This particular night was showing our flag on 9/11.

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