Bad Girls Club Casting Call: Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do This Saturday?

The Bad Girls of Mexico.
This Saturday, baby mommas, ratchet-ass hos, skanky sweethearts, and trifling tricks will be trying their best to impress casting director Megan Sleeper for a chance at stardom via the Oxygen channel's hit reality series, Bad Girls Club.

Never one to neglect our duties as harbingers of important news, we worked hard to give you a ass leg up on the competition. Sleeper gave us the inside scoop on what it takes to be a bad, bad girl --- and we're sharing it with you.

Follow the jump for some tips on getting cast on Saturday. Break a leg, biznotch.

morgan-osman-bad-girls-club 550.jpg
Miami Bad Girl, Morgan Osman from season five

Cultist: Tips for aspiring bad girls?
Megan Sleeper: The best tip for an aspiring Bad Girl is be yourself. We are looking for unique individuals who own their badness in their own way and cannot help but be themselves. Never pretend to be a character you think casting directors are looking for.

What is the show about?
Oxygen's Bad Girls Club brings high-intensity to a new level with a cast of young, bold, outrageous and endlessly entertaining women as they jockey for a position as the head girl in charge. Each claiming to be the ultimate "bad girl," can they put aside their differences and live together peacefully under one roof -- or will chaos rule?

Do tramp stamps help you get on the show?
Freedom of expression is a key part of being a bad girl. If a girl loves to express herself through tattoos, more power to her!

Does being a baby momma work for you or against you?
A true bad girl lives life by her own set of rules. This can be true for women of many different lifestyles.

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@MiamiNewTimes @CultistMiami Now's your chance @eRODika. Get your sluttiest dress and show them how BAD you are @sebastianjllo @jacksolano

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