Bikini Basketball Tryouts Brought Out Fame Seekers, True Ballers, and a Whole Lot of Cleavage (Video)

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Jacob Katel
Tryouts for the Miami Spice bikini basketball team were held Saturday.

Did we attend? Of course we did.

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The event brought out women of all kinds, from experienced athletes (including at least one former Lingerie Football League player) to newbies with plenty of spirit. Meet them all in our video after the jump.

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Tony Miller
Tony Miller

@ Richard. That's exactly the message. With ho-lloween coming up we need women to start getting in the competitive ho state of mind. I can't wait for the slutty cop, slutty cowgirl and slutty nurse. All the women trying to out ho one another.

j.pollo topcommenter

Where are the bikinis?

Richard Larralde
Richard Larralde

women are always competitive...why give them a slutty outlet to do it?youre just telling them its okay to look like a hoe when youre out.

Lex Dillinger
Lex Dillinger

BAIT AND SWITCH! you put up this robo-hot chick... then the rest of the girls look like hialeah and overtown rejects.


 @j.pollo good point. this was just the tryouts, shorts and sports bras

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