Broke Versus Airport 24/7: Miami: What to Watch Tonight

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Broke, Rakontur's latest, premieres tonight on ESPN.
As South Florida's film industry continues to develop, locals have more and more chances to see a slice of Miami on their tv screens each night. Two made-in-Miami projects debut tonight, in fact: Rakontur's 30 for 30 documentary Broke, and Travel Channel's reality series Airport 24/7: Miami.

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One's a slick production from a team that knows how to grab your attention. The other's a peek behind the scenes of the security team that annoys you every time you fly. So what's a TV-savvy Miamian to do? We're breaking down the pros and cons after the jump.

The Setup

Broke: Rakontur speaks with athletes who've made it big -- and spiraled head-first into major debt, trying to find out what leads some of the highest paid people in the world to make some of the worst financial decisions in history.

Airport 24/7: Travel Channel cameras go into areas of Miami International Airport you've only dreamed about entering (mostly so you could roundhouse kick the jerk who misplaced your luggage): security areas, baggage handling, etc.

Advantage: Broke. Between poverty and being manhandled by the TSA, we choose poverty.

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